Our Services

Gunsmithing Services

At Mohave Armory we have highly trained Gunsmiths available onsite during normal business hours. Our Gunsmiths can perform the following gunsmithing services - sighting and scope placement/removal, lowering trigger pulls, repairing non-operational firearms, AR-15 builds, general repairs, and stock refinishing. Our gunsmithing services are $40.00 minimum and $40.00 per additional hour. We call you before we do any services to explain what the issue is related to your firearm, as well as the price for any parts necessary to fix the firearm. We clearly state the price for the service and obtain your permission prior to completing the gunsmithing service.

Our Gunsmiths also perform general cleaning on your firearms for $25.00 per firearm. If you have any questions related to cleaning, taking your firearm down, or general gun maintenance, our Gunsmiths are ready to answer your question.

FFL Transfers

Our goal at Mohave Armory is to be your first choice for firearms and firearm accessories; If you purchased a firearm from another dealer or need to transfer to another party our firearm transfer policy is a tailored process that will have your item transferred to you in the fastest way possible. Take a few minutes to review our transfer policy and fees. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. We will contact you as soon as your transfer is ready for you to pick up! If you wish to request a transfer or have questions regarding transfers please either call 928.219.5907, email us at info@mohavearmory.com.

Transfer Policy

All FFL requests must be made by a valid FFL license holder. Per our company's policy we require that the transferring FFL must make contact requesting our FFL prior to shipping any firearms. When transferring firearms to Mohave Armory please include a copy of your FFL along with an invoice, the invoice should include customer information (name, phone number, order #) and firearm information (make, model, serial number and purchase date). If you are having Mohave Armory receive your transfer from another vendor, in order to pick up the firearm the person must show a valid AZ government issued photo ID prior to completing the 4473 form. Our transfer services are $25.00 per firearm for both internal and external transfers. Please note there may be limitations when transferring to other states. Please speak with an employee at our store for further information.

If you wish to have a firearm transferred to Mohave Armory from an out of state FFL or an on-line purchase you must use the following steps:

  • Notify the seller of the firearm that you wish to have it transferred to Mohave Armory @ 2065 Hwy 95, St # 41, Bullhead City, AZ 86442
  • It is recommended that the purchaser contact Mohave Armory at 928.219.5907 after purchase has been completed and provide the order #, where the firearm was purchased from, and purchaser’s phone number. This will allow our staff to contact you when your transfer has arrived.
  • If Mohave Armory is not listed on the seller’s website as an option to transfer the firearm to, please ask the seller for their email address where we can send out our FFL, or please have the seller contact Mohave Armory directly at 928.219.5907, or greg.mohavearmory@gmail.com. If your firearm was purchased at Gunbroker, Buds Guns, Grabagun.com, Brownells or many other larger size companies, they may already have our FFL on file and can be chosen from a drop-down menu on their website when prompted to provide a receiving FFL.
  • Once the firearm arrives and is checked into our system, a Mohave Armory employee will contact you.
  • Our transfer prices are $25.00 per firearm. (Please be advised that all firearm transfers that are not picked up within thirty (30) days of their deliver to Mohave Armory will incur a $25.00 per month storage fee). If the firearm is not received by the customer within 6 months, it will be sold to cover all storage fees with the excess (if any) to be held for return to the customer for one year then turned over to the state as abandoned property.


We offer fingerprinting to our community. We currently have blank cards and AZ Department of Public Safety fingerprints cards on hand. You will need to provide any specialized cards. There is no appointment required, and fingerprints can be completed during normal business hours. Our fee for two fingerprint cards is $15.00. There will be an additional fee if more than two cards are needed.

Buy / Sell Firearms

We buy and trade all types, makes and models of firearms. We pride ourselves on offering fair prices. Condition, box and manual are key to getting a higher payout. If you wish for us to buy your firearm, or trade in your firearm for store credit towards another purchase, please bring it into the store UNLOADED. One of our skilled employees will evaluate your firearm ensuring we offer the highest price possible.

Special Orders

If there is something special you are looking for firearm related, we will do our best to see if we are able to order for you. Please note due to current times, we cannot guarantee whether we are able to obtain any special request.

Special orders including firearms require 100% deposit. A 15% restocking fee will be charged on all canceled orders. All firearms not invoiced within 30 days will incur a $25.00 per month storage fee to begin 30 days after Mohave Armory receives the firearm, and the storage fee will continue to accrue each month thereafter. All orders not invoiced within 120 days of created date will be cancelled and assessed a 15% restocking fee. Firearms on order that have been fired (shot) are deemed used merchandise and will be refunded at Blue Book value or fair market value.

We understand that there may be exceptions to our return policy and management may use its direction on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is a satisfied customer; so, if you have any questions or concerns regarding our return policy, please ask to speak with a manager.

Personalized Holster Fitting

We offer a large variety of holsters. Holsters are as unique as the firearm owner. When needing a holster, we prefer you bring the firearm into the store UNLOADED and one of our staff will take the time to understand your needs and fit your firearm to a holster. We will try as many holsters as needed to find that perfect fit and feel!